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Link Building Strategies For Better Search Engine Rankings

Feb 25, 2008
Whatever measures you take to optimize your webpage, you cannot rank well in major websites unless you get a great number of good quality incoming links. Link building had always been and will remain the most effective way to improve search engine rank for a website.

In this article we will discuss about some proven link building strategies. However, let us discuss why link building or getting links is important.

How internet is connected? The answer is simple - links. As long as internet does not shift to a new protocol (other then HTTP), there is no other way. And bigger search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN counts the number and quality of incoming links to determine the relative value of a webpage.

The logic is very simple - if you offer something great, people will talk (link) about it. And the value of your site increases with the number of your incoming links. To add to this, the anchor text acts as the voice or opinion of the linking site.

Link Building basics for better search engine rankings:

1. Link mix - in the initial days, directory submission is the best way to get some good quality incoming links. When you would get some page rank, you may go for reciprocal linking, 'three-way', 'four-way' or 'n-way' link building. However, most important point to note is that you must create a mixture of different links. If you follow this method, search engines will not be able to detect any pattern and you will get full value of the links. You can also create one or two supplementary websites or blogs to support the link building strategy for the main website.

2. Anchor text - it is important to have targeted keywords in the anchor text. But if all the incoming links contain similar anchor text, search engines may detect a pattern and you will not get the maximum value. You should go for some non commercial anchor texts (like, click, here, click here etc.) with related content around the link. You can also try to dilute the keyword density in the anchor text by adding other words. For example if your keyword is Florida Website Marketing, you can try something like 'Florida based website marketing company' or 'Florida website marketing solutions'.

3. Linked From and linked to - Get links from related websites only with different C Class IP addresses. Do not get links from or link to porn or other related sites unless you are one of them. Do not get links from same locations; for example too much of footer links or links from sidebar or site wide links are not too good. You should also try to get links for the internal pages.

4. Manual Link building - Do not use any automated software to submit or get links. You should always do it manually and spread the link building activity over a longer period of time.

5. Go easy - do not go for thousand links on a single day - gradually increase the number of incoming links from day 1. Otherwise search engines may get negative feeling about your site.

6. No paid linking - for last few months, Google has become strict about paid linking and there are no signs that they will stop fighting against paid linking. However, there had been a lot of debates regarding their position about paid linking. They are not ready to allow paid linking even if you are getting them as advertisements. However, it is better to avoid paid linking to keep yourself in a secured position. Even if you go for paid linking, do not keep any footprint around.

However, it is necessary to create some pages that people would like to link from their website or blogs. You may try some link baits if you do not have a natural option. It is all about getting more links.
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