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Is It Really Possible To Make Money Without A Website?

Feb 25, 2008
This is a common question which continually comes up in internet circles. The people who have websites that are bringing in plenty of cash would be forgiven for believing their whole business would collapse without it.

But there are plenty of internet marketers out there who are raking in the money without as much as a thought for getting a website of their own. According to them, they simply don't need one.

So who are these people?

They are affiliates, and they are proving every single day that you can make money (and rather a lot of it, if you're doing the right things) without a website of your own.

If you think about this logically you'll see why they're right. When you become an affiliate for a product, you'll get your own unique referral link which directs people to the sales page. People often cloak their referral links to ensure that people don't just bypass it and enter the main site without it, thus denying them their referral or affiliate commission.

It's a fairly easy process to write a number of articles about various aspects which relate to the product being promoted, without mentioning it by name. Then at the end of the article, you simply provide your cloaked link in the resource box, together with some gentle (or not so gentle) encouragement to click on that link for further information.

If the articles are good and they contain enough keywords to be found regularly in search engine results, then you can expect to funnel a lot of traffic through your affiliate link and start making some sales.

Now imagine having more than one affiliate product, and putting in the effort to write a few articles each and every day to direct traffic towards each one. Over time the cumulative effect of these articles - together with the number of programs you are promoting - will turn the initial trickle of affiliate payments into a river. With continued effort there is no reason to suppose you couldn't become one of the affiliates mentioned earlier - the ones who turn that river into a flood.

As you can see it would appear that the affiliates are right - you don't need to have a website of your own to make a killing online. However it can be of additional benefit to have one built at some stage.

The benefit of having your own site is clear if you have a number of affiliate products which are in the same niche category. If you set up a website and fill it with valuable and useful content, as well as adding your affiliate products to it, you can enjoy an extra stream of traffic to your website - and thus build more sales from this.
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