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Video Games Suppliers & Distributors: Should Quality Be #1?

Feb 25, 2008
You more than ever should ask yourself if quantity beat quality when it comes to satisfaction in business. Many of us just ask the question and almost always go with quantity for video games suppliers, for video games suppliers and every type of e-commerce source imaginable. Be it liquidator, flea market, open trade event, wholesaler - we almost always choose quantity over quality.

Depending on where you live and how the economy currently stands it is a major hurt on. However, should offline and online sellers let themselves seduced by quantity and the prices that come along every imaginable market? Big mistake! Quantity overtime is often replaced with quality. Remember the good old saying: What enters cheaply leaves us on a costly hole?

One good example can be found in bedding. Comforters are usually an extravagant delight for stylish couples and the ones with elegant taste for beauty - the famous Beth Bath store found anywhere in the states. You see the $50-$70 special and we go ballistic for exterior elegance for perhaps your bedroom. This store most costly comforter in Puerto Rico usually is the Nautica.

What happens in 6-8 months? Color, texture, touchiness and smooth feeling of the comfort are not the same. With Nautica this usually doesn't happen - at least for too many of us.

You pay easily double the amount of current specials but you get handcrafted material. That is, comforters made all by hand without touching 10-12 employees and 5-10 machines to finish an entire comfort set. Manually done, more color preservation, usually better feeling at touch and if you have chosen wisely- a good quality saving for the long term!

Without touching the hyped Siberian Goose comforter example, Nautica and traditional specials at such store are a great example of quality vs quantity. One is meant to last, the other is meant to be used for perhaps, the guest room.

The same goes with video games suppliers and video distributors. In order to save 5 percent on a given item you should not go for the cheapest option source as it would likely cost you time and long run delays for getting your own customers happy. Today customer as you already should know has numerous options in virtually every market, why should he go with a poor service? It is like asking you what to prefer if being naked - shoes or cloth? Obvious!

Hit a search online and look for suppliers with a track record you can follow up or make your own diligence upon wanting to test and work with such source. There is nothing more terrible than starting to work with a supplier and having a : Sorry, I am out of stock for that item as an answer.

Situation being, you will have to immediately refund the customer and look like you know who because your go to guy did not respond. But of course, research is a much talked theme so anyone blaming the video games supplier or distributor should easily blame himself. Make your diligence.
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