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Experience a Life Makeover and Discover Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Feb 25, 2008
Although you may not know it yet, you have so much to offer. You are not a mistake of biology and you are not on this planet just to take up space. You have a purpose! You have but one life to live, so make the most of it! If your life, up to this point, has been less fulfilling than you have hoped-change it! You can experience a life makeover and discover your entrepreneurial spirit.

If asked who you believe has led a wonderful life full of blessings and happiness, who would be your choice? Would you pick Bill Gates, probably still the richest man in the world? What about Mother Theresa, who devoted her life to helping others, and was loved by millions? Maybe you would pick someone like Steve Fossett who spent his life traveling the world, trying to break one record or another.

On the surface, these three individuals are so different. Gates is an executive who probably spends a large part of his day behind a desk somewhere. Mother Theresa probably never had two coins to rub together, and she lived a life of selfless devotion to the needy. Steve Fossett, although a wealthy man in his own rite, probably would have withered away in an office. He thrived outside, always battling the forces of nature.

So, what do these people have in common? All three individuals have/had an entrepreneurial spirit. First, they all have taken risks and seized opportunities. Not one remained in a comfort zone, closeted away from life. For example, Bill Gates is a college student when he decides to drop out and start his own business in his garage. Mother Theresa could have devoted herself to Gods work in a convent with other sisters, yet she took risks because she believed in her mission. Likewise, Fossett's spirit of adventure did not allow him to choose a life of ease and comfort befitting his wealth. He often denied himself creature comforts to make history.

Second, each had leadership qualities that helped them recognize opportunities and not wait for someone else to take action. For instance, if Mr. Gates had sat on his ideas, where would he be today; and how would the computer industry be changed? If Mother Theresa had waited for someone else to help the less fortunate, countless lives would not have been changed for the better. If Steve Fossett had sat at home, dreaming about adventure, he might still be alive today, but he would have always wondered and he wouldn't have led such an interesting life.

Third, each person had to be innovative, exercise problem solving skills, and make the most of their success. Think about it. Bill Gates came up with ideas and tackled problems most of the world had never considered before. Mother Theresa was often in remote locations when challenges came up. She had to use her talents and resourcefulness time and again. The same can be said for Fossett.

Why spend so much time talking about 3 individuals, when you are the one that needs to experience a life makeover to discover your entrepreneurism? The answer is simple. Maybe you live in a small house with 6 kids and a dog; maybe you are a bachelor just trying to establish a career; maybe you are close to retirement and your life is still missing something. Whoever you are, you are essentially no different than of these famous individuals.

You have as much right to a happy and successful life as anyone else. You have abilities to have a rewarding life; you just have not discovered them yet. So, you need a little bit of help to find your entrepreneurial spirit. You can discover what you have been missing. You are not the first person who will benefit from motivational life-changing information, nor will you be the last. So, what are you waiting for? Learn how to find your creativity and zest for life, and so much more. Regardless of your personal circumstances, there is no time like the present!
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Paul Sutherland is an Accelerated Business Growth Coach. His company - Daniel Thomas International is also heavily involved in personal development and growth. Now a website www.perfected-products.com has been created. Here you will find some of the very best tried tested and proven methods for creating the life you really want.
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