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Ways to Get Your Blog the Needed Exposure

Feb 25, 2008
1. Know the Keywords for Your Contents

A bloggers best friends are search engines. It is through the search engines that your blog will be spotted by readers who want to get some ideas of a certain topic. Search engines have crawlers that would scan through your content. If you have the keywords that a searcher would type in the search engine, you are close to get your blog a fair share of the audience it needs.

Keywords can be readily available in free search engine optimizer (SEO) sites. In these sites, you can choose from a variety of most searched words so you can add them to your content.

2. Use Catchy Title Phrase with Keywords

One of the dilemmas of every blogger is how to get the catch. Your blog title is one of the ways to attract attention to your readers. Even if you stuff your blog with so many keywords and have a good ranking result in your search engine, as long as it does not have the title, blog readers would not care about it.

Equip your blog with a title phrase which might find the interest of your blog readers. Some of the interesting title phrase has the words like a Guide to if you want to get a novice reading your blog. Or you can also have Effective to be included in your title phrase. Putting Effective can really add effect to your blog. Psychologically, people tend to believe more in their first impression. Since your title is the first thing that can readily be read, you are already conditioning your readers through it.

3. Use Keyword in your Meta tags

If there is a way you can manipulate the page of your blog, try putting the keywords in your meta tags. Meta tags are one of

the things that a search engine crawler would capture in your blog site. You need to be familiar with basic HTML to know what are meta tags. Meta tags are scripts in your pages source code that tells about your blog. If you can stuff your meta tags with some keywords, this can attract crawlers and possibly get a good search ranking. However, you should also lived up to the expectation of the possible searcher. Otherwise, your blog might be blacklisted because of spamming.

4. Submit Your Blog to a Search Engine (Most Especially Blog Search Engine)

Most bloggers do not know that the best way to get their blogs spotted by some search engine is to initiate the move itself, that is get yourself introduced to the search engine. This is done by submitting your blogsite to a search engine, not necessarily the major one. Since bloggers search only through a blog search engine, you must submit your blogs to these sites. In this way, you are not waiting for a web crawler to get to your blog site.

5. Content, Content, Content

Above all it is the content that matters most. Having a good content in your blog is one way of retaining your audience. These audiences are people who have the potential to spread the word of your blog site. If they find your blog contents worthwhile to read, they would be asking for more and perhaps recommend it to their friends or someone they know.

You might have different style in presenting your content. However, the best way to present it is to do it in a conversational way, just as what I have been doing now. Also, you need to use some simple words in order for your blog to be understood. Never use a local slang or perhaps a personal expression. You should consider the fact that you are making yourself available to some readers worldwide.

6. Get Interactive
Try to add some interactive ways to your blog site. The trend of technology today is interactivity. Audience, nowadays, wants to get a fair share of their attention also. If you can do this to your blog, your audience would believe that they views can be heard. Also, audience views can also be an added attention to crawlers. That is one way of getting things done by others.

These are some of the tested ways of getting your blog spotted. Your blog needs to be exposed, otherwise, you would miss the some potential audience. You might have so many reasons to blog, but, above all, a good blogger always puts the interest of his blog readers first than of his own. In this way, blogging is not only a way of getting attention, it is also a way of enlightening your blog readers to a view which you want them to share.
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Traffic to blog
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