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My Internet Business Traffic Exploded When I Took Social Bookmarks Into My Arsenal

Feb 25, 2008
Actually I took social bookmarks into my internet business promotional arsenal just one month ago, when I launched a new WordPress blog and installed the social bookmarks service in that.

The results came immediately: hundreds of new visitors to my blog and through that to my internet business links. What was amazing was the quickness how all that happened.

1. Social Bookmarks Climb High On The Search Engines.
On the top of quickness, the visitor flow seems to be constant, thanks to those about 20 sites, which I can add with One Click service.These internet home business contacts are very important, because the links are text-ads with search engine optimization.

By the way, the first post went to number 1 at Google in 1 hour, you read right: in one hour, when I bookmarked it to Digg, one of the best social bookmarking sites. The internet business keyword which I used had 10 WordTracker searches per day and it will bring targeted traffic to my homepage residually.

The core idea of the system is simple, we just submit bookmarks, or short textads, into special sites using keyword rich title, keyword rich description, keyword list or tags and put the bookmark into the right category. Now they are easy to find for the search engines and for the surfers, because they are optimized.

2.Social Bookmarks Are On The Most Visited Websites Online.
Think about these social bookmarking sites: Google, Windows Live and Yahoo, just to name some examples from my list. These really are the most visited sites online and this fact makes them so powerful traffic builders.

Another benefit is that we all can read other internet home business opportunity webmasters bookmarks, get tips and build valuable contacts. These sites are the meeting places of the most active internet business marketers.

These people are often in a hurry to launch their new ideas to the Net community and the quickest way is to write an article, use social bookmarks and let the readers do the information distribution. This all happens in an hour!

3.Social Bookmarks Build The Brand And Are Very Quick.
The very nature of the Net is that it is quick. All fresh information is valuable and sometimes it is a question about hours.

The internet home business marketer can utilize this, when he sees something new and wants to be the first to tell about that to the best distributors, to other internet business owners.

Another strong feature is their power to build brands, which requires lots of activity and a professional touch but they offer a great tool for that, because actually they are small text-ads and presells the ideas in a nice way.
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