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Article Marketing The Easy Way

Feb 25, 2008
You have rushed to this article like bee's to flowers you are asking yourself please let there be an easy way to article marketing. Well firstly lets look at why you want to article market for those people new to internet marketing , you never know there may be a few newbys left.

In internet marketing the golden egg , or one goal that everybody is chasing is a number 1 position on google , msm or yahoo for their target market, because this is the easiest way to get traffic to your website. But there's more while this traffic is free it takes you time and money to get, so once you get these people to your website you need them to click and buy so you can recoup your return.

We'll lets say you want the best return for your effort for these free customers you want to article market the easy way, that's right you want your customers to be the most qualified customers possible. When you are marketing an article you need to make sure your article addresses the main topic you want your customers to visit for.

So if you sell dog treats and you want people to visit your store for dog treats then you want to write your article about the specific dog treat you want to target, because there may be thousand of websites targeting dog treats but how many would be targeting beef dog treats. Also you don't want to waste your time with directories that are low page rank that just means that these directories will not give your article the exposure you need.

So when choosing a directory to submit to if you submit to high page rank directories you won't have to spend your valuable time submitting to the wrong article directories. As with anything Article Marketing has a limited amount of time you can spend on it so not only do you need to target your key words but also target where you are submitting your articles.

For instance you will not submit your dog article to directories on wedding stuff because you will not get any targeted traffic you might get a click through but these customers will do you no good because they have come from a wedding site , it would be a safe bet to say they weren't looking for a dog treat so you have no chance of selling to them.

So in summary because article marketing is an absolute strategy in any online marketing campaign , and I would even go so far to say a necessity even you need to target key word that have not been found yet and also put you articles on high page rank sites . To find the page rank of a website you can google for a site that does it or download the google toolbar which has a page rank tool included and will save you much work and give you the information you desire at a quick glance.
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