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Reasons To Buy Un-targeted Traffic

Aug 17, 2007
Un-targeted traffic can be used to your advantage to make HUGE profits ok let say you go to a website and it looks like this

10,000 visitors 12.99 20,000 visitors 29.99 50,000 visitors 49.99

So on and so forth well this can be a good thing but some of there places are scammers so you have to be careful check around they site and see if they say where most of there traffic comes from if its targeted at all you want it to at least be people who read your language other wise it will be no good. if you already purchased traffic and your not sure check you stats in your control panel at your host provider if you can't find it you should definitely call them to find you web stats this could save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Ok back to it you at the site and they have a really good deal but they don't say on there website where there traffic comes from so you can either write them at there contact us or move on ( if your risky you can buy it and check you stats later to see where the people came from). Oh yeah before i forget another scam that people may use is robots or auto surfers that visit your site and go through your pages but there not people (that's mean) but they don't care cause your paying them to do it because you didn't want to take the time out to check where the traffic came from.

Alright Now you've found a place that gives you un-targeted traffic in mass (well it's a little targeted they all speak and read English and hopefully live in America and Canada). so now you have 10,000-infinty visitors coming to your site a day, week or month. This Traffic service you bought is kind of like a warp machine you ever go to a website and somehow end up somewhere else. Or so sort of pop up, under, over, slider or any thing else they come up with shows up on your screen. This is how most of these traffic sites work caching people as they leave a site and redirecting them to yours which they wouldn't like unless you have something waiting for them that will change there mind and make them Oh so glad the ended up at you site.

Remember so for you have paid for these people to come to your site that will most likely leave unless you change there mind. Have a gift waiting for them and they will take it if it is irresistible but remember you want them to buy something later so how do you get them to come back. they have to give you an email address to get there gift. since they willing gave it to you when you write them later they can't say it was spam so your safe and you do this with an auto responder which will get to later.

here are some examples of thing to give Make sure everything you give is branded with your website and email.

*Free software that deals with your site

*A free game that will be branded by you

*A recipe

*A joke Book

*A newsletter

*A raffle for money (say win a chance to receive 10 dollar' s) or something like that

*A beauty contest (send your pic Win something)
*Free Report

*Anything that will get there interest Like The word free

People You Can come up with anything just use your imagination what do want for free that you'll give up you email address for what does you mom want you friend ask them then promote it. this is how you use un-targeted traffic to gain a list of people that you can sell to later (i warn you though don't bug them cause then they ca get you for spam id say no more than twice a month unless you actually have something they don't mind being emailed weekly
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