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Do Not Listen To Every Piece Of SEO Advice

Feb 25, 2008
When it comes to driving quality visitors to your website the search engines simplt cannot be beat. Is it any wonder that SEO is so vital to the success of your website and ultimately how much money you can make from your online business.

If you look around the internet you will find lots of good advice however there is also some terrible advice that you should avoid like the plague.

I would like to look at 3 aspects relating to SEO and give you a little bit insight into these areas;

1- Links

If you look around the internet you will hear lots of people shouting ,the more links the better, however this is simply false. It may have been ok at some point in the past but search engines are getting smarter and due to misuse of links are clamping down on multiple irrelevant links.

In more modern times an abundance of links from irrelevant sites with poor PR will probably do your site more harm than good. You should now be very picky about where you place you backlinks ensuring high PR and complete relevance to your site.

2- SEO Companies

A number of companies that will tell you they can get you to the top of the Google rankings. They may even follow through on there promise and get you into the top 10 for your selected keywords. I must stress that there are only a handful of quality companies out there so be very vigilant if trying this method.

The problem is though what happens when they get you there, every other site owner will be trying the same method and there is so much more stuff you need to do to stay at the top. In order to keep you site top you will need to be updating your site regularly, creating new innovative ways to drive unique traffic and still create a steady flow of one way backlinks. I would suggest the following for achieving this;

- Make you website personal and maybe up date it with your latest ventures or interests.

- Write articles and submit them to directories

- Join a blog or forum that is in your industry and make quality comments in order to attract visitors.

- Write reviews or testimonials for other sites in return for one way backlinks.

3- Optimizing

When it comes to optimizing we can easily get obsessed with trying to optimize for every search engine. My advice to you would be simple, just concentrate on the big 3 Google, Yahoo and MSN, these guys take 90% of all traffic anyway. Do this and just let the others fall as they may.

If you have a fresh site with rich content, it is sure to please the major players. If you spend your time trying to please all you will lose the will to live and you will not see the same success.
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