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Creating Internal Links On Your Website

Feb 25, 2008
Every blog site on the Internet can achieve success if it creates a marketing strategy that is effective and profitable. A large part of the marketing strategy is the internal link strategy that displays how many people are visiting a specific site. There are so many ways of implementing an internal link strategy on your web site, which will carefully be discussed in this particular article.

By publishing links on your web site that are both attractive and enticing to Internet users, you will increase the popularity of your web site and also enhance its overall quality. This increase in popularity and quality will have a great effect on search engine rankings and will make your site much more user-friendly. The following are a few ways that will increase your capability of implementing an effective internal link strategy on your web site.

Similar Blog Posts
One of the best types of links that you can publish on your site is to related content and material that a specific audience will want to learn more about. If your site is a blog, you will publish articles that address specific topics and themes and therefore target a specific Internet audience. You should publish links that lead to other blog posts that write about similar issues and topics.

Place Links Everywhere
Some blog site owners only place links where they are the most visible and likely to be clicked on. Indeed, this technique is very important to the success of your web site, but you should take it a step further. You should try to place links everywhere on your web site, even in places that you might not think people will see, so that you will increase the usability of your site and relationships with other blog sites.

Provide Navigation Guides
If you want your web site to be popular and usable, then you must publish and provide navigational guides that will assist Internet visitors as they look through the content of your pages. Sometimes web pages contain so much content that it becomes confusing and difficult to use and Internet visitors become frustrated and leave your site. Try to include a site map or navigation guides that will help users who visit your site and make your site much more user-friendly.

Summarize What You Have Written
At the end of every week or month, you should publish a summary of all the articles that you have posted on your blog site. This provides essential information to new and existing Internet visitors that increase their knowledge about what you site is all about. It also simplifies the reading process for people who want information in a very quick way.

Leave Cliffhangers
Just like show writers produce stories that leave an audience hanging and begging for more, you should write a series of articles that do the same thing. Write one article that ends with a cliffhanger, so that visitors keep coming back for more information.
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