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What To Do With Trolls On Your Blog

Feb 25, 2008
If you are a first time blogger or have a bit more experience, you are probably learning to deal with trolls and other types of rude commenter's. They are not the most ideal to deal with but there are a few things you can keep in mind to help you help the situation.

Troll is the nickname give to others who leave rude comments on your blog and try to annoy you and your site. Their purpose is to try to distract your readers and make you look bad. It may seem like a very childish idea, but there are lots of trolls out there having good success at what they do. You just need to prevent it before it gets too far out of hand.

Have a Little Patience

Trolls are trying to make you angry, upset and ruin your blog but you don't have to let them do that. The first thing you have to do is have some patience and stay calm. If this is a problem for you then take a deep breath and count to ten. Do not over react.

As a blogger you have to be able to deal with all types of situations, both good and bad. Being thick-skinned just comes with the job requirements. Sometimes negative feedback is healthy for you as long as you can deal with it well and not get offend.

Be In Charge of the Situation

You can choose to react badly or positively so why not choose the latter? Instead of getting upset and leaving comments you will later regret, do something about what the trolls have done to you. Maybe the comments have some truth behind them and you need to be mature enough to accept their comments and change things. If an apology is necessary, then apologize.

You can try to turn the conversation around when trolls leave rude and unnecessary comments on your site. Try responding positively to the good points that they make and steer away from the negative ones. Be the bigger person and move on to bigger and better things. Set a good example for your readers by trying to gain their respect instead of losing it.

If You Still Don't See Results

If you have already tried to do the responsible thing and you don't see any results from your efforts, there really isn't much else to do. If by leaving positive comments you just seem to get more negative ones then it doesn't necessarily mean you should give up.

If you want to try to ignore the situation it may be your best option. If you have already made a good effort in trying to change the way that things are and it isn't working, ignorance is another good option. Trolls are trying to get a reaction and if they don't get one, they might give up more quickly.

Whatever you do end up doing should always be handled calmly and coolly. Remember that they way you react will be seen by all your readers so make sure it is something you are proud of.
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