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The 4 Reasons How To Not Succeed In Internet Business

Feb 25, 2008
The major problem is a huge information overload. We home internet business owners cannot judge, which part of this ( sure success information ) is useful and which not.

I have gone through many thoughts during my over three year career as internet business entrepreneur, written hundreds of articles and done this list of the things, which I see extremely dangerous.

1.Lack Of Internet Business Strategy.
Absolute number one reason to guaranteed failure. A strategy means the ways how to reach the targets and it definitively do not mean that all ways are equally good.

The key idea of the strategy is to be selective, i.e. to pick only some ways to run the marketing.The lack of decent strategy leads to nowhere and tells about the situation, when an internet business marketer has not done the thinking process or is so desperate that all ways look good. He is trying and trying until he will skip the whole thing.

2.Lack Of Discipline.
In the American marketing books the word discipline is mentioned several times: marketing discipline, thinking discipline and so on. The term discipline is very close to the term strategy. It tells that it matters what and how you do things. And: the decision is yours, no other pearson can do it for you.

Again, the key is to select only a few amount of tactics and grow your skills on a high level concerning these chosen things.

3.Lack Of Knowledge.
The affiliate marketing business, or internet in general is very sexy and many seem to think that because it is so popular, who ever can manage there.But the main feature of the Net is that it is run by information and because the market is global and very large, the best marketers have found it and do an extremely good job.

The information highway respects knowledge and on the other way, does not appreciate bad work. So the absolute must is to get the knowledge needed. Sometimes people think that there is a shortcut. They think that they can buy the success, for instance by buying PPC advertising.

However also this discipline requires top skills, before you can become successful and reach your goals.
The Net is filled with useful and useless ebooks and other stuff. If the affiliate marketing business owner has not the discipline, there is a danger that he will buy new ebook after ebook and does not understand that the secret cannot be found there. The secret is in your own thoughts, the way you think. Do you have the discipline?

4.Lack Of Clear Thinking.
As I have mentioned many times in this post, the Net is a huge information highway and it seems that you should participate into too many things.

But back to basics. The goal of whatever affiliate marketing business is to find a target group and to get them interested about your offer, so that they will buy. It is very straight forward. You just have to get enough people to visit your site, which then converts them into buyers. It is that simple.
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