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The Do's And Do Not's Of MLM And Affiliate Marketing

Feb 25, 2008
Making money online is easy. If you know how. Think about this, riding a bike at first was hard, but now its just second nature. Same with skiing, running or how about knitting. You see, making money online is so easy now because all the top earners have come out with their secrets. You would have to be a fool to not get in. They say the internet is always changing and these secrets are not worthy anymore and thats why they have revealed them. I'll let you in on one right now, just to see if you think it was valuable before the internet and if it will be valuable for ever more.

The art of writing a powerful email, or letter. Dont you think Rachel Long, a top internet earner would claim this to success? The key to a good email is catching someones attention with the headline, then persuading them to take action with your words. Of course you may have to email them a few times before they even open the email. So this brings me to another revealed secret that they say does not apply anymore.

In this industry you have to be consistant. If someone sees your ad, or email, they may be thinking about clicking on it. But just decides to do a mass delete of the junk in their inbox. So what if they get that email every second day? I think many will click on it. Or what about that ad in the classifieds? If you see it 7 times, you might click on it. Earn $1000 a day is a very common heading, so even if you click on it just to see whats on the other side, you have started to transform your mind into thinking its possible. And beleive me, it is easily done. Just remember that 15,000,000 people this year will start an online business without anyone telling talking to them on the phone. Because they know it can be done.

So anyways, I have given you two very important tips on how to be successful in this business, but here is why people fail, the do not's. This is a very short list, and yet so many people do it, in fact 95 % or so fail because they do it. And here it is. Do not give up, thats right, if you keep on doing something the same way over and over, yet keep expecting different results you will fail. So stop doing the same thing all the time, if you cannot list over 50 things you have tried then you have to keep going. Especially since most of the advertising on the internet can be done for free. Then again, some people are unwilling to work at it for a couple weeks to earn $30,000 a month. Makes you wonder why any one fails?
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