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Use Ebooks And Ebay And Start Your Own Viral Epidemic

Feb 25, 2008
How would you like to have product that promotes itself? You sell the product and every time someone reads it they come back to your eBay store and end up buying another book. Soon more and more readers end up at your store buying more and more items. All of this from one little ebook. Wouldn't that be great? That is exactly how many eBay sellers have utilized ebooks to multiply their business profits.

The system described is called viral marketing. It is called that because the marketing system acts like a virus. With a virus, one person gets sick. The sick person exposes three others. Those three get the virus. Each of them exposes three more, who get the virus and they in turn expose three more etc. Using that example of each giving three others the virus, after only 10 steps of viral exposure almost 60,000 individuals would have gotten the virus.

Now imagine instead of a virus, it was your ebook. One person buys your ebook with resell rights. He in turn sells it to three others who in turn sell it to three more, just like in the virus example. Again, if that cycle was repeated 10 times, there would be 60,000 copies of your ebook in circulation.

Now assume that you had put links back to your eBay store in that ebook. Now 60,000 consumers have the chance to come back to your store and purchase high margin ebooks from your store. Do you think you could make a decent profit with that kind of traffic?

Now let's go one step further. Suppose in addition to links to your eBay store, you put affiliate links to a number of related products. Now anyone clicking those affiliate links will be taken to the affiliate website where they can purchase the affiliate product. Every time an affiliate purchase is made, you get paid. Do you think you get make some good affiliate commissions with this system?

Now, this was an example using one ebook. What if you were selling hundreds of ebooks? What if they were all branded with your links and your affiliate links? How much traffic do think that would generate to your store? How much affiliate income do you think you could make?

What I just described is one of the main ways that the powersellers in the ebook category on eBay make a substantial income. They use the power of viral marketing to boost their profits. This is the difference between them and the ebook sellers who are trying to make a profit only selling ebooks for one time profits.

The power of viral marketing is enormous. Through that system there is great profit potential. That's how the most successful ebook sellers on eBay make their profits. There is no reason why you can't do the same.
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