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Use Articles For The Purpose Of Viral Marketing

Feb 25, 2008
The methods of viral marketing are used by many people today and for good reason. That reason is that they work. Many different techniques can be used, however, it tends to be better to concentrate on one strategy at a time and continue with that strategy until the results that you desire are achieved. If "bum" is something that you are already into, or article marketing, then a great strategy is to turn your articles into a viral marketing report or eBook.

As the articles have already been written, you need to undertake very little work in order to develop something that will create traffic and sales for many years to come. It is relatively simple to bring the articles together into a single document, although it may be necessary to undertake a certain amount of work in re-branding and making it aesthetically pleasing. What's more, a little effort may be required in adding viral elements. Subtlety is not something that many authors possess and place blatant advertisements. More success may be achieved if you add some value to the reader and disguising the marketing component. One technique which seems to be one of the most popular is to add a review of several products in the particular niche. Your own affiliate links will need to be included. However, you should consider cloaking them in order to make them less obvious.

It is possible to undertake distribution in many ways. If the resulting publication is of a high quality, then you should take selling it into consideration. For the purposes of making it viral, reprint rights will need to be included. Not only will sales be achieved from the book, which is virtually written already, it will be circulated by many other on your behalf.

It is always worth taking into consideration giving the material away as well as encouraging others to do the same, with the stipulation that the material is not altered in any way, if you really wish for the material to spread. Your giveaway could be advertised in forums and in list emails. Something that is very often neglected is that of the download page of any related products that you sell. People enjoy being provided with unadvertised bonuses. It is viewed as being part of the actual order when it is featured on the download page, and it will be downloaded by a majority of people.

It costs a great deal less to implement a viral marketing campaign than that of traditional advertising. You should remember that viral marketing is one simple component of your marketing repertoire. In every way possible it should be linked with other strategies such as setting up squeeze pages in order to collect opt-ins. When this is combined with other essential business building strategies, the traffic can be generated to your website as well as building a solid customer base which will add to your sales and make all the difference towards your success.
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