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80% Increase In Your Sales!

Feb 25, 2008
Be honest. The reason you are reading this article is because you want to increase your sales by no less than 80%! The headline grabbed your attention and pulled you in. Two things probably went through your mind as you glanced at this headline. The first thing is that you expect to increase your sales. From there you begin to imagine all the benefits you'd receive from those increased sales - greater finances, and an improvement in your quality of living.

A headline is more than just a descriptive title. Research shows that 80% of what you are trying to convey in a sales letter can be expressed in a well written headline. The other 20% of your message is spent in supporting or giving the details of that headline. It then becomes clear that beginning with the right headline increases the effectiveness of your sales letter by 80%.

Most individuals are not just looking for facts and statistics. They are searching for solutions to issues that involve their daily lives. Superficial information does not have the same effect on emotions that information that offers personal improvement does. A good headline can point the way to something that can bring gain or prevent loss. The headline, - 80% Increase In Your Sales!- promises more than an increase in sales. It can be the long sought after solution to a troubled financial situation.

A compelling heading will greatly increase your success in any type of marketing media. Whether you are emailing a potential client, posting an ad in the paper, adding to your web page, or writing an article, a convincing headline will encourage your reader to explore the possibilities you are offering.

There are some effective tools you can use to write some very persuasive headlines.

One tool is swipe filing. Swipe filing is creating templates from the files of well known and acknowledged headlines. These are some you may be familiar with:

Are You Too Busy _____ To _____?

Free _____ Reveals How To _____.

Free Report - How To _____

Who Else Wants a _____ In Just _____ Minutes a Day?

How Any _____ With _____ Can Benefit From A Little-Known, _____ Secret.

Look for headlines in books of famous headlines or watch for them on line. Once you've built up a collection of headlines, all that is necessary to create a great headline is to choose the appropriate template and fill in the blanks with your own information.

Other headlines that would have been equally effective for the title of this article:

"An Amazing Discovery Tripled My Conversions"

"The Midas Touch That Turned My Sales Letter Into A Golden Goose."

"What You Can Do TODAY To Turn Lackluster Sales Copy Into Cash Delivering Machines!"

Another useful tool is creative brainstorming. Start by listing all the benefits and features of the product or concept you are offering. Focus on those that will have the greatest impact on peoples lives, and then sum them up in single sentences. Write twenty different headlines and then choose the one you feel best describes what you are offering.

With this knowledge you should be able to come up with some powerful headlines, bringing more attention to yourself and to your product. Now it's time to go out and bring in that increase.
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