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Explode Your Business With Internet Marketing

Feb 25, 2008
The best marketing tool you could possibly give your business is the power of the internet. There is no other way on this earth that you could reach so many potential buyers for the lowest possible cost. Having a website that is marketed right, basically gives you a shop window on the busiest highway in the world.

Here are just a few ways of promoting your product or service online.

- Over 90% of people have at least one active email address. Use this to your advantage. Build trust and credibility through regular newsletters. Give your customers free advice and tips in your industry area and encourage readers to visit your site by telling them about the latest deals or discounts. Businesses that have a substantial number of email subscribers will have more success and ultimately be able to reach higher profit levels.

- Search Engine Marketing is a free and effective way of marketing your product or service. It is very time consuming and the results will not be immediate but it will give you the potential to attract huge amounts of traffic and give you multiple options for monetizing your business. You can also used paid search engine marketing to advertise your products. This is a very cheap method if done correctly and can drive laser targeted traffic to your site!

- You could advertise your site using banners, this is also known as display advertising. You will have to see other websites in your industry that attract the type of clients you are seeking. You will then have to pay for a spot on there site and the prices for this will vary. Sites who receive massive amounts of traffic will obviously charge more but usual prices range from 50 , 100 dollars pm.

- Blog marketing is a rapidly growing way of attracting attention to a website. Blogs are basically online journals that can be optimized to attract customers that will be interested in what you have to offer. You should update them regularly and with quality content. You can use a blog to sell you products and you can also monetize your blog through paid advertising. Blogs are free to set up and easy to design, many systems such as blogger make it easy to design and promote your blog and by creating a blog with blogger you know your layout is going to be Google friendly.

These are the best tips for promoting online and will help you business to succeed. The internet opens up many opportunities to make your business a global brand and is the single most powerful marketing tool in the world.
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