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What To Use For An Exhibition

Feb 25, 2008
Putting up an exhibition is not as easy as it sounds. Whether it is a big technology fair and you are representing your company, or a small school display promoting the high level of teaching standards, the organisation and hiring out of the right exhibition equipment can take more time than one would think. Allowing you time to prepare for the actual event is advisable for anyone and selecting the right tools is a good start for a successful exhibition.

Begin by researching different exhibition equipment; how effective they will be for the theme of your event and how much it will cost to hire/buy. Buying your own equipment can be much cheaper and a good investment for the company. However, the problem arises if you are using technologically advanced display units such as a plasma screen stand, projector, lighting or graphic panels. These need to be maintained and need to be functioning well on the day.

The types of exhibition equipment available come in the form of plasma screen stands, banner stand graphics, light boxes (can come free standing, eco curved or ultra thin), display cabinets (available as pop-up, fold-up or standing showcase), display stands and other display accessories. The accessories can be flight cases, various lighting equipment, carry bags, folding cart, ladder and trolley combis, and transport drums.

Some exhibitions present to people an impressive display of posters and promotional gimmicks, however the content on each display stand and the people representing the businesses need to focus on delivering. With each exhibition comes a need for information and presentation, depending upon the theme of the event people need to be prepared for answering difficult questions and providing the people with what they need in terms of reaching the goal of the event.

From experience, I have often been to exhibitions that appear to be presenting one thing, but in fact have nothing to do with what is on display. Nor did it follow suit with the theme of the exhibition - a key point is not to take too much time picking out fancy exhibition equipment and allow time to prepare for the actual day itself. However, it does help to attract and impress visitors with the equipment in use, to make the company logo/business strike out.

Furthermore, any exhibition must be controlled and one way of doing that is investing in crowd control polls. These to a certain degree keep people from walking into each other and keep everything under control. There is nothing worse than a large bombardment of people attempting to get to your stand for leaflets and buying products. A good way to keep people from stomping on top of each other is if everyone is moving in a uniform manner. It may also be a good idea to have a microphone and an appointed person to make announcements, or an automated voice providing instructions to people.

Finally, an important factor of any event is having clear signs of the entrance and exit. It is essential that a risk assessment be completed prior to the exhibition, including fire safety procedure and a first appointed first aid person. As much as these exhibitions come big, it is always good to be prepared for the worst, even if things appear unlikely to go wrong. It will also benefit the reputation of your company if you appear well organised.
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Anna Stenning is an expert on exhibition equipment having managed and organised a few during her previous employment. For more information on equipment hire and available products click on http://www.keyboardgraphics.com/
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