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The Single Most Destructive Internet Money-Making Weapon

Feb 25, 2008
Out of all the personal qualities and professional skills an internet entrepreneur can have, what is the most destructive, most powerful weapon?

Think about it. An entrepreneur can't survive without it. Without this quality/skill, you're walking the plank.

What is it?

Persuasion is Your Nuclear Warhead of Online Business

Before you go anywhere, hear me out because this could end up being the most inspiring message you'll ever read.

Not only is persuasion the most important skill and quality you can develop in life in general, it's the chair legs of an internet business. The beauty of persuasion is that you only need words to persuade. You can be unestablished and broke and still persuade other online marketers with big lists to add your product to it, or you could persuade a more established blogger into joint venturing with you (sending you traffic and backlinks while you do the same back).

This doesn't mean you can e-mail John Reese and get him to promote your ebook to his enormous list, but it's possible... After all, how do inmates get prison guards to sneak drugs into the prisons? The inmates have nothing to offer except persuasion, so how could they possibly get prison guards who know they'll lose their jobs and possibly serve time to do this?!

It's the art of persuasion.

* You need to persuade others into joint ventures.
* You need to persuade web surfers to read your articles.
* You need to persuade prospects into signing up to your e-mail list then buy.
* You need to persuade those around you so that you can live a more fulfilling life.

How to Persuade People to Do Whatever You Want

Appeal to Emotions

Your words need to hit the person's hot buttons, strike their emotional chords, resonate with them... How is what you offer going to benefit them emotionally?

People make decisions based on emotional satisfaction, not reason or logic. Logic and reason are only used to backup your claims that hit emotional hot buttons.

Instead of saying, "Buy my ebook and you'll learn how to treat your acne with ingredients lying around your house"....

Imagine your prospect's strongest emotion about this subject is a baseball. You want to knock the cover off the thing. You want to really lace into the emotion.

So you say something like, "Imagine you wake up in 3 days from now and your face is as smooth as silk. The hottest guy in school gives you his number. The popular girls invite you to their lunch table. The cheer leading coach thinks you have potential and that you should try out this year. The thought of acne doesn't even come across your mind anymore."

This example is a little extreme, but that's good because I'm trying to drive home my points. You actually want to communicate this kind of stuff.

See the difference? You can't get people to take action in your favor unless you play their emotional chords like a damn guitar.

Magical Emotional Appeal Persuades

This is one of the most important concepts in the art of getting people to do what you want because everybody wants magical solutions to their problems or magical benefits.

You know, I could tell you in 9 words how to lose weight. Get off the couch and quit eating so much. Everybody knows that's how you lose weight, but people looking to lose weight want a magical solution that allows them to...

* Still eat a lot of bad food.
* Not exercise.
* They want the weight to be gone by tomorrow morning.
* They want to go from unattractive to supermodel in 60 seconds flat.

In order to persuade, you have to get as close to these magical appeals, dig out the emotions underlying them, and capitalize on them.

I don't mean be unethical and lie about your product or service.

Say you're selling Dietrine Carb Blocker as a Joe Bucks Affiliate. The magical part of this product is you can eat all you want and the carbs will literally be blocked from being stored as excess fat.

So let's say you're trying to sell this thing...

You don't say:

"Dietrine Carb Blocker contains blabady blah, and it's the hottest weight loss pill on the planet. Click here to order now."

You say (something magically appealing like):

"90% of users have discovered that they can still enjoy tasty foods while watching the pounds fall off like an avalanche of fat. You forget you're even watching your weight. You'll fit back into those old clothes and it'll seem like you did nothing to get there. Click here to order now."

More examples...

If you're selling a skateboarding instructional video online, you'd say "Imagine grinding rails and kick flipping like Tony Hawk by tonight. Imagine all your friends calling you a skateboard god the next time you go skatin'." (The Magical Appeal: Skate like Tony Hawk by night.)

You're not selling a skateboarding video, you're selling the benefit that seems like magic to your prospect's emotions and desires.

If you're selling an ebook on promoting your restaurant, say "You'll discover the one secret that will completely fill your restaurant's capacity by tomorrow night. You won't have to worry about advertising again. In fact, don't worry about worrying again because you're going to find out how easy it is to explode your restaurant sales today." (The Magical Appeal: Fill your restaurant with little effort.)

You're not selling an ebook on promoting your restaurant, you're selling an easy, magical solution to your prospect's biggest problem.

Psychology in Persuasion

There's an entire realm of persuasion you can explore. That's the psychology of influencing others. It's used in sales all the time and in any real life situation in which you need to influence others to get what you want. One of the best books on the subject is Joe Sugarman's Triggers. You should also read anything by social psychologist Dr. Robert Cialdini.
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