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How To Make Cheddar From Affiliate Programs The Easy Way

Feb 25, 2008
Selling goods through affiliate programs is the first thing most of us do when we get into this game (same here).

This post will help you actually make money as an affiliate right away. If you will avoid this #1 mistake and discover this one technique, then you'll cut your learning curve like with a chain saw.

If you're new to making money on the internet, then this is the most important message you will ever read.

Here's the thing.

This might have worked at the beginning of the internet, but it doesn't now:

Don't try to be like http://Amazon.com and hustle tons of products on one page.

This makes you sales:

You want the focus to be on only one affiliate product on one page.

Here are the reason's why...

The Russian Net Gun

Imagine the Russian military crafted you a special gun that shoots only a really large net. The net can capture up to 10,000 people at one time. When you're targeting the people who are going to buy from your page, which 10,000 people will you shoot your net at?

The answer is: You shoot the net at 10,000 people who would be interested in one affiliate product. So you promote that one product.

You don't promote 30 products on one page and target a hodge podge of 10,000 people who would be interested in different products. You won't get any sales this way and you'll waste your efforts and money driving traffic.

The Psychological Trigger that Makes Sales

Believe it or not, there's something psychological going on here.

* If you give a visitor one option (to buy or not to buy), then they will more likely make the decision to buy than the other situation.

* If you give a visitor several options (to buy or not to buy 30 items), then they will more likely not make a decision to buy.

This is because you're forcing them to make a yes or no decision. Do I buy this product or not? And people don't like to be in a situation where they have to make a decision (but that's where you want them).

Promoting 30 items gets too complex. Your visitor's psyche shuts down and he leaves your page. When he finds something else to click on, he doesn't have to face the pressure of making a decision.

"Greasing the Shoot"

Famous copywriter John Carlton calls this "greasing the shoot." It's where you write a sales message in a way that has no distractions for your prospect. You want to grease your sales message so that your prospect slides smoothly to the order button.

Internet people are click crazy. As soon as there's something for your prospect to click on, he'll click it. He wants to click things right away and he doesn't want to be pressured into buying anything (and that's not good for business).
Let's apply this concept to hustling affiliate products.

Not only do you want to promote one item at a time... Let's say that you have a review site where you review affiliate products.

On a single item's page, you don't even want a navigation bar, no other links, no other products, nothing else that could divert the visitor away from making a yes or no decision for buying your product. Only a copywriter would tell you to do such a thing. But do it and find out it works.

Lay on the pressure. "You either buy this or not. You HAVE to make a yes or no decision. You can't take the easy way out and click something else." Don't say this, but this is what your page says to your prospect.

This is the way the psyche works. Your prospect doesn't want to think. He would much rather say, "Nah, I'll click here before I have to think about and consider what this guy is asking me to do. I'll click here and take the easy way out."

Your prospect doesn't want the pressure of having to decide, but you want your prospect to have a lot of pressure and have to decide yes or no.

This is What You Do

* Promote one product at a time on one page. (You want your prospect to be pressured into making a yes or no decision with no other options.)

* With no distractions, not even a navigation bar or any links. (You want your prospect to be pressured into making a yes or no decision with no other options.)

* Drive a targeted audience to that page like with your Russian net gun. (You want to drive qualified prospects to that page.)
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