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Manage Your Time For Your Business Effectively

Feb 25, 2008
Just as a well-run business follows a budget in spending money, an effective businessperson should also follow a schedule in spending time. And a carefully developed strategy should be formed to determine how to use time wisely.

You start by identifying the number one way you can most increase profits by use of your time, then the number two way, then the number three way, etc. This list of time priorities forms the foundation for your time planning for every week of the year.

Focus is crucial for time management and the fewer priorities you focus on at once, the more productive you will be. It is important to limit the number of strategic time goals you have for each week.

No matter how hard we try to be perfectly organized, there are only 24 hours in a day. We have no control over time, we can only control ourselves and what we do with the time we have. Even if you have ten goals for the year, you can focus on no more than one or two per any given week.

A good place to start is by eliminating your personal time-wasters. For one week, set a goal that you're not going to take personal phone calls. For one day observe behaviors that interfere with successful time management.

Many of us are prey to time-wasters that steal time we could be using much more productively. What are your time bandits? Do you spend too much time net surfing, reading email or making personal appointment calls?

Constant interruption kills any hope of effective time management. One way to avoid interruptions is to make clear that when your door is closed you are not to be disturbed. Another is to have regular meetings with the people you interact with the most at those meetings.

Next, ask yourself if you are spending too much time around the most congenial (and talkative) people, or not starting your schedule first? Are you jumping from one task to another because you are over whelmed?

Now you need to track your activities so you can form an accurate picture of what you actuality do. Start out weekly to make up a detailed time plan which you modify each day as needed until you have it down as a desired personal plan.

Except in times of crisis, try to make sure day-to-day issues don't push your strategic time priority list off your personal schedule. You can do it, you deserve it and it will reduce your stress.
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