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Women And Earning Potential In Business

Feb 26, 2008
So much is said today about discrimination. We hear it mentioned in politics, in the workplace, at churches, schools, neighborhoods, and so on. We often act at times that we are not a part of it until it comes close to us.

While admitting to it or not, people are discriminated against each day. We know of the problems of racial, ethnic and religious discriminations that exist. Weight, skin diseases, health impairments, being bald, slow learners can all lead to discrimination. And there is nothing they have done to create any unfairness towards them.

So the question comes up as to why is there such discrimination against women in the workplace? It is unfair and hurtful and most times unwarranted.

It has been proven that men earn a dollar for each 59 cents that women earn for the same work. (On an average) Many studies have been made and they also discovered much more than they were expecting.

There were concrete examples of choices men make that earned higher pay than other men. The gap between never married and married men was bigger than between men and women.

The study also pointed out that there was discrimination against both sexes regarding their weight and against men based on their height. Men were perceived as being more valuable because they were considered more stable due to the need of being the main provider.

It has been alleged that due to our society men are willing to travel and sacrifice in order to advance in their careers. Therefore, more is invested in their value and their long term potential.

The research data identified 25 different choices men and women made in their careers that affected their income. Along with the ability of earning higher pay there were choices of different life styles.

At the conclusion of the research report it was noted that a woman could close the pay gap and even earn more in some professions than her male counterparts. Yes, in salaried jobs the male most likely will earn more than the female and that is pure discrimination.

The final explanation in the report states that it is too bad the male workers are not as balanced as the female workers. Women look at their life, and say "What do I need? Do I need more money, or more time?" And the women are intelligent enough to say, time!

They live the balanced lives and men should be learning from women, it was noted. However, we all should find something to work at that fires our passion.
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