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How To Manage Your Employees In A Great Way

Feb 26, 2008
As a manager you need to figure out what you want your people to accomplish. The best devise is a mission statement, which is a short document that tells your people, your customers and your suppliers what you are about.

A mission statement makes it easier for everyone to pull together if everyone knows what the object is. With this statement you figure out where you are going and you then look at whether your organization can support this objective. If your organization does not, you need to change it so it does.

When you have rearranged your organization so it does support your objective, you need to communicate that structure to everyone involved. This is done through an organizational chart, which is a quick guideline drawn on a chart for your department.

Employees should have all of their questions answered. If anyone in your organization deals with the public, you should have a dress code for all employees. A dress code is a simple document that tells people in various functions what is appropriate work attire, and why.

Next, is one of the main features of a good manager and that is asking their opinions. You need to ask what they think would help you to be a better manager? What other topics would they like to see addressed? What would they like to know regarding any other functions? Remember, open communication equals trust and loyalty.

After setting the basic groundwork, you then need to listen to chatter or other employees for 'cracks' in the foundation.

Beth has an "attitude". Her supervisor believed he was stuck with a problem because she was efficient. Her colleagues complained she was rude and uncooperative.

Behavioral problems should be addressed quickly and effectively for the sake of all. We need to know that it is possible to shape the culture and behavior of our people into terms of what we call our core competencies.

These can be done by aspect of business innovation, result orientation, flexibility or customer focus. With every client that we have taken through this exercise, a different picture emerges.

A behavior associated with teamwork means a member willingly shares information with others or compliments others on their successes. These behaviors in the workforce grow and the employer succeeds by these levels. Thus, the company can reasonably expect employees to meet minimal standards.

It is like taking the lost bird into the nest and after patience and time the stray bird, through example, becomes part of the family.
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