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Feb 26, 2008
One of the best ways to succeed as an affiliate is to promote products in small niches or sub-niches. What is a small niche? Well, a niche is 'cars' or 'autos'. Slightly smaller is 'sports cars', although this particular niche is very, very competitive. On the other hand, either 'Italian sports cars' or 'classic British sports cars' are small niches, and 'used classic British sports cars' is better as a niche.

Wanted: Niches with Little Competition

What you really want are niche affiliate marketing programs that find you small niches without much competition, but these don't exist. What you need to do to get a niche affiliate marketing program is to use various tools to find the sub-niches you want.

The first tool you will need is a keyword finder. There are plenty around, some cheap, some expensive, and some offered as a membership. You don't really need to spend your money on these, though, because there is a great tool you can use for free.

Use the Google Keyword Tool

This is the Google Keyword Tool/External in Google Adwords. This tool includes all the keywords or key phrases used by surfers to search for products on Google. As a large number of surfers use Google, you are getting the best results.

When you look for keywords for your niche affiliate marketing program you are looking for long-tail key phrases, not single keywords. For example, if you were looking for niche keywords about hypnosis, you might consider terms like 'hypnosis to stop smoking' or 'self-hypnosis to help you succeed'. But first, you are finding a small niche within a popular niche which gets a lot of traffic.

Once you have found the keywords, you then need to get products for your niche affiliate marketing programs, and after that you will need to refine the keyword list to make sure it is related to the product.

Go to Clickbank

To find the products, it is best to go to Clickbank, which lists a huge number of digital products in the major categories, with sub-categories as well. You may need to look at categories which are outside your main category because some merchants put their products in odd categories, and some small niche products do not really fit in any category.

Always read the merchant's sales page, which Clickbank calls the Pitch Page, to see whether it encourages you to buy the product. If it is good, it should have you looking for your credit card.

When searching for niche products, make sure you don't force a product that belongs to another sub-niche into your sub-niche. It will not work.

Once you have a niche and a product that really fits the niche you have your own niche affiliate marketing program.
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