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Dress Like The Executive That Your Are And Get Good Results

Feb 26, 2008
Whether you like it or not, your clothes will reveal the man or woman that you are. If you are the boss or an executive trying to reach the top of the ladder, you cannot afford to be sloppy from head to toe. Give the right impression - dress appropriately for different occasions.

Making A Point

Big corporations follow a dress code. They issue uniforms and clearly define the standards for dress, hygiene, and work attitude, especially for those in frequent contact with the public. This is to promote a professional environment in the workplace and to project an image of competence and reliability.

Executives are strictly ordered to observe the proper dress code in business dinners year round. Although casual business attire for both men and women are permitted, there are still some restrictions. Only shirts with collars are allowed and women should always wear sleeved blouses. Socks and hosiery is not eliminated when wearing office casual attire.

When it comes to business, traditions are observed and this is expected from you and everybody else. No matter how you look at it, want to deny it, or curse it, clothes do make the man (or woman). When you know you look like the executive that you are, you exude the self-confidence that marks the man or woman with no other way to go but the top.

The Quintessential Executive

The ideal executive arrives at the office right on the dot. They are ready anytime for meetings in and out of the boardroom and look smart in their business suits. They exude confidence, and this is contagious. Clients always feel they are talking to the right person when they consult with these well-heeled executives, and rightly so.

If you are wondering how to project this image, take stock of yourself, your clothes, and the way you work with your colleagues and subordinates. Do you look dependable? Are you courteous with the people around you? Are you up to any tasks, and do you give what is expected of you consistently?

Do you follow office policy on the dress code? Do you wear the office uniform at all times? Are your casual business clothes in line with the office's standards? Do you wear sneakers with your business suit? If you are a woman, do you wear a lot of jewelry and mini-skirts or tight jeans? If you answer yes to all and still feel unsure about the image and message you want to give off, take a look at the way you dress up for work.

If the office tolerates business casual attire, wear the latest business fashion for men or women. Bright colors are in, but if you are going out to woo a customer, flamboyance may put them off. For key meetings and business conventions, wear the traditional business suits.

Shoes are important too. Women wearing high heeled shoes look good but at the workplace, this is not practical. Low-heeled dark pumps worn with simple but well-cut clothes are elegant. For men, dark shoes with dark socks to match slacks are recommended. Rubber shoes are simply frowned upon. Make no mistake here. Unless you have an informal get-together at the beach, then you're clear.

When you dress up and look like the executive that you are, people will take you seriously, and this is always the right way to go up the corporate ladder.
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