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Affiliate Marketing - Business Without Risk

Feb 26, 2008
A lot of people are starting in the field of affiliate marketing everyday. They will join various affiliate programs such as Commission Junction and Clickbank. Tons of affiliate websites are also created everyday. So the question here is: Why are people so keen to work as affiliate marketers.

Actually, people start working in the field of affiliate marketing for various reasons. The number one reason, however, is probably that it is a business with virtually no risk at all. Yes you read it right here. It is a business with no risk. Even if there is risk, the risk is still very low.

The followings are the reasons for the low risk of affiliate marketing:

Zero set up cost: You do not need to spend even a buck in order to start your business in affiliate marketing. There are tons of affiliate programs out there and the good news is that most of them are free to join. And you can also promote the affiliate links for free in places such as forums and newsgroups. There can be some costs if you are going to have your own affiliate website. Yet the annual cost will only be the cost of a meal!

No need to keep inventory: You do not need to take care of the inventory when working as an affiliate marketer. The merchant will handle it. As you may know inventory can be a risk if you are running a shop of some kind.

No employee is needed: You do not need to employ even one person. Of course you cannot do all the work on your own. However, you can outsource the work to some freelance worker and the cost will not be very high. What is even better is that they will only charge you on a project basis and you do not need to pay if you can do the work yourself.

No need to worry about customer services: Again, the merchant will take care of the customer services. The merchant will know what to do if someone complains. All after sale services will also be taken care of by the merchant.

Though there is virtually no risk when working as an affiliate marketer, it cannot guarantee that you will become rich overnight. However, if you take enough time to work on it and really work very hard. The chance is that you make a five or even six figure income every month.
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