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What You Need To Know About an Overseas Nursing Career

Feb 26, 2008
Companionship is very important to people who are lonely or ailing. And when there is no family or friends around, a nurse is someone you can turn to. When I was young, and was hospitalized for a month, a nurse took the place of my parents, when they were not around. She comforted me and took great care of me. They are representatives of angels, down on earth, to help the needy and comfort the ones in anguish. When you opt for career in nursing, you don't need to remain in your hometown anymore. Look for opportunities overseas.

The world is suddenly seeing an influx of nursing vacancies. In countries like US, UK and Netherlands, and a lot of developing countries there is a shortage of nurses. The reason being that most of their youth are not choosing to follow careers in nursing and hence the dearth for nurses. They are going in for other professions instead. And the nurses that are available in the country are fast approaching retirement age and there are not many to replace them. This has suddenly opened up the international job market for nurses.

How do you go about it? First of all, ensure that you know English and also the basic language of the country, when you are applying. Make an attempt to take a short course in the local language. Also remember, that every country has its own methods of Registration. You have to pass an English test and fit other requirements. Sometimes, you need to be willing to take up additional training courses, as per the standards required by their nursing laws and regulations. What you have learnt in your country may not always be sufficient and you need some extra expertise.

When you apply overseas, also make sure that you submit the certificate of proof of your education, work experience, nursing license (if any), languages known, any special training taken, like some people nowadays do courses in physiotherapy, etc. This increases your chances of getting that golden job. At this point, also make a mention of references from any dean of a reputed hospital who knows you personally. This speaks much of you. Mention any special or challenging cases that you may have handled in the past. If you have received any letters of appreciation or citation, then make sure to mention that too. It speaks volumes for your work and will enable you to get the best nursing job in the market.

Finally, make sure that you contact a genuine nursing recruitment or agency as it is very important that you are not cheated. You can go online and try to get enough information which will throw a lot of light on issues that you need to take care of. Be wise and make proper enquiries. Prepare yourself and be patient, opportunity will come knocking at your door. Travel the seas, and take your nursing skills to other distant places. Nurses are always a blessing, wherever they go.
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