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Don't Be Another Victim

Feb 26, 2008
By far most paid surveys sites are completely legitimate market research companies that give you nothing to worry about. They pay well and on time, they won't spam you and they keep your private details in complete confidence. But all it takes is 1 out of 100 sites to be an unscrupulous scammer to ruin the confidence of so many people in this paid survey industry. Here are three tips that will help you avoid those questionable survey sites.

1. Surveys are free to take and you shouldn't ever have to pay for anything connected with surveys. You shouldn't have to pay to get a list of survey sites, or for membership to a site or to get payment from a survey site. Remember, if they are asking for your money in connection with paid surveys RUN, don't walk away from that site. Even though the sites that ask you to pay for membership may claim to have "secrets about taking surveys" or "special access to member only surveys" that simply isn't true. They have the same information that anyone can get by searching on the internet.

2. Don't give out your email address to get a list of survey companies. Again, this information is freely available on the internet to everyone. Those sites that want you to register to get access to a database of paid surveys are a one way ticket to an inbox full of spam. Once they get your email address you can be sure they'll be selling it to anyone they can. You won't get any extra value from those sites that ask you to register with them for access to the site. I know it makes you feel like part of a select group, but it's just a trick to get your email address.

3. Avoid offer sites that are posing as surveys sites. These will be easy to recognize pretty quickly because instead of sending you surveys they'll be sending you off to other sites to sign up for various offers. This doesn't include Get Paid To (GPT) sites like Cash Crate or Send Earnings. These GPT sites can actually be great moneymakers if used cautiously. If you want to do GPT's make sure you keep a complete record of EVERYTHING you sign up for and when you need to cancel it before they bill you.

Remember, most paid surveys are legitimate you just need to watch for the few warning signs I've given you. One other thing to remember when you're trying to make money with paid surveys!

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The author is a paid survey expert and has been taking paid surveys and instructing others how to get paid for surveys for over a year. To learn how you can get paid to fill out surveys visit his paid survey site which has links to over 300 paid survey companies available for free.
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