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Certified Nursing Assistant- A Stepping Stone To A Degree In Nursing

Feb 26, 2008
Nursing is a profession that entails a lot of patience. It is one such job where you need oodles of compassion and the desire to comfort people. When you choose to become a nurse and for some reason cannot get your degree, then being a certified nursing assistant is a good option to get you as much of experience as possible. There are a lot of places that hire certified nursing assistants. One of them is the nursing home, where there are older people, who really are physically inept to perform any functions.

Certified nursing assistants do not really administer the dosage of medicines or shots, but they are necessary for being a friend to the patient; a person who is available to hear their problems, and is sensitive to issues that they might face and also, to basically build some kind of relationship with the inmates. They are always and mostly, a big part of the recovery of a patient because of the time that they invest in the patients.

Some people are observant by nature, so it is easy for them to keep a close watch. The moment they notice any change, they are normally the first to inform the authorities; whether it is a change for the worse or for the good. For e.g.: reaction to a certain medicine or an improvement in the physical abilities of the patient. It is this closeness that allows them to identify any signs. The next step is always very important. They have to be quick and alert enough to act upon the situation at hand.

Certified nursing assistants can make home visits for the sick or people who find it difficult to do physical tasks. It is a blessing for them to get a nurse, rather than be enrolled as inmates in a home or rehabilitation centre, or even worse, with grumpy relatives who don't care and are cruel. You could be helpful to them. You can join a school or a daycare as a part of the medical team. This way you can warn authorities in case of any widespread infection, before it becomes an epidemic. You could keep a sound watch on the health of the children and others around the campus. Children are very active and hence, they need to be watched carefully. They need to be kept away from dirty water, which could make them sick. You have an opportunity here to take care of things.

While you aim to get that degree in nursing, you get all the baseline experience, hands on, which would later on prove to be highly beneficial and an expertise in the field of nursing. Armed with a degree, and experience as a certified nursing assistant, you could step into a great and promising future. You will make a difference in the life of the person you are caring for. Your future will definitely be much brighter. All the time that you have spent with a patient in the past cannot go in vain. Every step of the way, you make an effort and even if you make mistakes, you still need to go on. This gives you a chance to polish your skills as a nurse.
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