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How Do I Choose The Right Busines With So Many Home Based Offers?

Feb 26, 2008
This article is about how to prevent you from picking a business that is full of 'fluff'. In other words, these are the 'no-fluff' preventative measures for finding a home based business with so many out of them out there!

Some of these businesses have been around for years and years with products that everyone else has, making it very difficult to sell since everyone has seen it over and over. So for the 'average joe', he or she will have a tough time.

Some of these companies usually make their money from the distributor, and some from selling the products. They have you on their monthly auto ship so this is a good part of their income.

They only pay about 2% to 20%, but the truth is, there are many loop holes to these compensation packages, and very few actually make it to the highest part of the plan. Much of these plans also end up being unbalanced, but they will have their leaders tell you how easy it is to balance it effectively. It is harder than what is said.

So many companies have the same business model with similar products, but a bit different than the others out there to make it seem like it is totally unique. There products may be very good, but there are so many things about the busiiness model that are hidden and you will be sorry you got involved. So how do you know?

The first thing to remember is that you are looking because you want to make real money, not a small tiny percentage or profit. You want to be honest, not rip anyone off and feel good when the day is done. You want to find out everything you can about a company since you are the one who wants more money.

If the commission or the profit is not at least 75% when you make a sale, don't bother with it. If it is less than that, you are doing all the work and the company is profiting on your hard work.

Most of these companies, you need 10,000 sign ups or more to make any real money. While your teams do much of the work, it is still very difficult to make a good living. There are people who can do this, but it is not common.

One thing to look out for is to find out if a company offers any real training. They might offer minimal training, but if that training is to go to your family or friends to 'sign them up', then back away NOW! That is NOT training. These companies do not want to pay for training when they can easily make money from you as the representative. Is this making sense now?

If you cannot profit in a few sales, then there's a sign, too. If you the owners hide behind email, aren't available when you call customer service or do not call you back, then there is another sign. Ask yourself why they do not want to talk to you. Are they afraid of the tough questions?

There are plenty of new companies and everyone has to start somewhere, but be careful they are of good foundation. If they are not and you 'feel' it, do get involved. It's that simple. You'd be better off gambling away your money because at least you would have fun.

This is a only a guideline to follow when reviewing any company or an internet company. Use good judgment and your intuition on top of these guidelines, and you will most likely make a good choice since there are good companies to pick from if you look hard enough.
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Make sure you look for Fluff Prevention when looking for an business online. Look for finding a company that will make you money soon! Make sure an online company offers plenty of training every week, with millionaires closing your first sales right away!
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