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Hands-Down -- The Best Book Ever Written About Internet Marketing

Feb 26, 2008
Armand Morin's "An Obvious Truth" is hands-down the best, no-nonsense report I have ever read about Internet Marketing. Ever.

If you've been around Internet Marketing for any length of time you have heard of Armand. He didn't invent marketing on the internet, but he sure helped. He's been doing it since 1996 and has made over $45 million, including $15 million last year alone. And he didn't make all his money selling get rich quick programs to other internet marketers. Armand is in over 1,000 niches (1,000!), he has created the best selling "Generator" software line (ECover Generator, Sells Letter Generator, EBook Generator and more) and he is constantly invited to be the featured speaker at some of the biggest internet marketing seminars each year. So I suppose he knows what he is talking about.

Before you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on the latest, "greatest" internet marketing course -- in fact, before you spend another penny -- download Armand Morin's classic, "An Obvious Truth". It will tell you in 51 short pages more than most courses ever will. And it's totally free.

Even though the title says "Truth", the truth is that this easy-to-read 51-page report is packed full of truth after truth after truth from someone who has been there and done that since the very beginning of the internet, through the DotCom boom and bust and is still making money today. Very good money as you see above.

He starts out by stating -- and proving, mind you! -- that internet marketing is not hard. Don't believe me? Download the free report and see for yourself.

An Obvious Truth then goes on to tell you the one big difference between Armand and most people on the internet. The one truth that made him rich while they are still struggling. This alone is enough to make this the most important report on internet marketing you'll ever read. But Armand doesn't stop there, like most gurus. He goes on to show you exactly how you can turn internet marketing into a real money-making business. He looks at creating, selling and marketing of your products and your affiliate's product. He explains how and when to reinvest your money, how and why to outsource and how and why to market test. Mostly he tells you why you will never get rich chasing the "Blue Pill" of get-rich-quick schemes. All of this in just 51-pages!

There is more in this one very short report -- lots more! -- for the aspiring internet marketer than in most $99 ebooks and many $999 home study courses. If you have bought either of those (and most of us have), do yourself a favor and download this free report. It may be the best thing you ever do for your business and you will thank me and Armand Morin all the way to the bank.

I know I will definitely be using everything I have learned from Armand Morin and "An Obvious Truth".
About the Author
Mark Hester runs the Internet Marketing for FREE Blog dedicated to searching out quality free reports and ebooks to help the aspiring internet marketer stretch his or her education dollar and the Everyday Internet Marketing website -- a running history of his struggles and triumphs in learning internet marketing himself. You can download Armand's report for free at either one, today.
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