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I Hated Being Broke, So I Started A Business

Feb 26, 2008
They say time is money, and a waste of time is a waste of money. So now let me get to the point so that I dont waste your money as you probably feel the same way that I do about a lack of money or is it a lack of time. But a key way out of this is to start your own business, online preferably which will give you more time and more money to do something with that time, and the reason that I started a business is cause that hated being broke all the time as I was in the same boat as you are in right now.

For many years i have lived check to check and im talking about working 40 hours a week at a job barely making enough and then spending it all on bills and other expenses and then doing it all over again the next week until I got fed up and had decided that I wasnt gonna let working for this job be the death of me.

So I decided to start my own home based business, but to properly guide you in the right direction imma tell you where to start and that is with a solid idea about something you find fairly easy to talk about and easy for you to relate to or you can sell products for another website like EBay or Amazon with a little bit of work but nothing more than you are already doing at your present job cause I enjoy working on my web site as I feel that some day, I will be able to do and buy the things Ive only dreamed of like buying my kids anything they want for Christmas, or be able to travel,

But mentally to start your home business it is gonna take some belief and commitment cause even though you might want to give up at times you need to understand something simple that if you do nothing in your life then nothing will happen in your life

But I am on your side as I came from nothing to become something and I hate to see people go through the same struggles that I have went through so I am willing to share all of the info of I have came across with out you having to do the ground work and in the next article I will talk about getting some money to start your business and the easiest ways to get some start up money for your business with out any risks involved.
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