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The Benefits of Helping Non-Profit Organizations

Feb 26, 2008
Donating and supporting non-profit organizations is one of the most "noble" marketing strategies known to man. Many businesses waste thousands of dollars on ineffective television advertising that could be used more effectively by using "charity" as leverage.
A business that supports a non-profit organization will love the results.

Charities will grow and get the support they need, and they will also spread the word about the generous folks in your business that are making their efforts possible. A business gets a huge image boost in exchange for supporting these kinds of organizations on a regular basis. Consider some ideas that you should talk about with a non-profit organization. Does the organization offer pamphlets, brochures, or programs at events that can carry your company name and logo? If so, you will win a lot of credibility with the group's supporters as long as you do not come across as blatantly advertising your business.

As you or a company representative participate in planning and administrating events for the organization, you will have a great opportunity to make new contacts and meet potential clients as conversations sway to the nature of your business and the benefits it provides.

You can obtain great tax benefits in exchange for your donations as well. This can help keep your business inside a desirable tax bracket, so be sure to consult your accountant on exactly what you need to do, what documents are necessary, and what kind of budget you should consider working with. Be advised that charities are financially hungry so get your agreement in writing and approved by your attorney to avoid any unpleasant confrontations over expectations.

Be prepared to use the agreement to justify the limits on your donations because you most certainly will be approached for more money. A subtle way of getting your hot merchandise into the hands of people who will test it out is to offer your products or services as door prizes. Hold dramatic drawings that get everybody's attention on your product (the prize) and on you (the door prize host.

Give out discount coupons to everybody that appears at the event, so your company will be displayed prominently on people's refrigerators for days after the event has ended. Make sure the local press is all over the event so there is no chance of missing the opportunity to appear in the news. One of the potentially most cost effective forms of helping charities and getting lots of advertising benefits would be to donate use of your business facility. Do you have a warehouse or a gym or some kind of large meeting auditorium? If so, get more out of your investment by permitting non-profit organizations to use your company facilities to conduct their events and other related business.

Make sure your company's facility transmits a positive image of your services or products. Make an effort to establish subtle references to your best marketing messages throughout the building that people cannot help but read.
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