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Physical Asset Management - 7 Simple Tips Help Your Business Back On Its Track

Feb 26, 2008
At times, there are many business that are often confused of physical asset management and inventory management. It is very similar to inventory management, but slightly differs from the fact that the inventory only states what is available and where it is.

While physical asset management also identifies where the losses occur making it easier to maximize profits.

In fact, there are many aspects in terms of physical asset management that will help you put your business or organization back on tracks.

What are the areas of focus?

#1 It can track asset properly. Right from the order to the physical delivery, it is recorded in the physical asset management. Later, this can show where and how the asset is performing at any given time, how much maintenance it incurs, and how much depreciation it suffered. This is invaluable when you need to make a business plan, or actualize a business performance plan. By doing that, it for sure can reduce its expenses.

#2 Tracking its movement. When an asset moves from one place to another, there are times where it will leave a gap in the place in the warehouse. At both the places, it needs to add and take some arranging to be done when the asset shifts from one department to another; and keeping track of the assets can be daunting. This is why have a physical asset management system is a must for all companies having physical assets.

#3 It avoids duplication of any asset being previously tracked and documented. This system will surely help many businesses.

#4 It prevents theft on the inventory as it is easy to find it out. The mistakes that occur during procurement and delivery too can be check when the physical asset management is in its right place.

#5 The right management of assets will help in proper tax paying and prevent loss through delays, and improper evaluation.

#6 Being in control can really helps as you know exactly what you have, where you have it and how much it is. This information will help you know your strength and capitalize on it.

#7 Enable you to plan your resources properly. Using such a system, it help the company to get the best and most out of each of them. This would enable you to plan realistically whether it is for expansion or for optimization of profits.

This way, I am sure your company profits to soar to greater heights. With that in mind, Eddy believe this article can clearly explained how organizations can manage their assets properly.
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Eddy Kong WW is the owner of the Asset Management Secrets Blog. Drop by at Physical Asset Management Tips blog for more useful asset management resources.
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