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Work From Home MLM Business Opportunities - How To Be Successful With Duplication and Replication

Feb 26, 2008
If you are already in the MLM industry, you know the importance of duplication.

(In case you do not know what duplication means.)
Duplication means two things.
a)Being able to "easily" apply what your sponsor is doing.
b)Being able to "easily" teach your downline to do the same thing you are doing.

In other words, there should be a system that can be "easily" passed down form one level to the other. The keyword here is "easily". However, the above definition is only half the equation. True duplication means you can also easily apply the system to another MLM company.

This can be easily done in online MLM. Basically, you are using the same 3 steps systems of lead capturing, traffic generation and automatic follow up. So how should you apply duplication?

Firstly, you will want to concentrate on one program first. Build it such that you can earn around a decent amount of residual income, eg. $6000. (This is only a guideline. You may be able to earn more in certain programs) Apply the entire system in another MLM program. Build your new business until it reaches around $5000. By the time you reach this level, the foundation of your downline should be strong enough such that it will continue to grow without your effort. Of course, it can grow faster if you decide to put in more effort.

Do take note that you can't force your result. You probably know that some companies have better compensation plan than others. The main idea here is to focus. Don't jump from one place to the other such that you are earning $100 from ABC company, $300 from XYZ company and $200 from DEF company. You will only be wasting your effort.

The next step that should be taken is replication. Replication means duplication taken to the next level. Essentially, it means applying your system in other industries that are non MLM in nature. It still consists of the 3 step systems of lead capturing, traffic generation and automatic follow up. The 3 steps system will always work regardless of which industry you are in.

Obviously, you need to do it right for it to work. This may involve a certain amount of split testing and tweaking. For example, you can try to split test your squeeze page.

You may be wondering how split testing can be done. Well, split testing does not have to be complicated. You can always start off with the headline of your squeeze page. All you need to do is to trace the result and see what happens. In fact, split testing can also be done in areas like pay per click and email marketing.
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