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How To Benefit Best From A Business Blog

Feb 26, 2008
The blog; hardly a new phenomenon and yet in some circles, or some industries, it is still widely misunderstood and under used. The blog, when maintained and managed properly, can directly attract new targeted visitors to your site. A blog is also an opportunity to offer linkable content and therefore improve your search engine rankings. But a blog can do a lot more - it can increase conversions, spread brand awareness, and create strong relationships with potential business partners and leads.

Increasing Organic Search Engine Traffic

Search engines love blogs because they typically offer regularly updated, relevant content on a specific topic. Also, the social Internet has a tendency to link to valuable pages giving your blog pages even greater weight in the results. By creating regular and relevant posts you will naturally be including more and more keywords. The number of long tail search terms that you implement on your site will help govern your success. Long tail searches may not prove popular individually but when you add all of them together and consider their performance as a whole you will ultimately find that they convert very well.

Improving Conversion Levels

If your website already generates traffic and you are looking for a way to convert more of that traffic, then a blog can help to build trust in your visitors. We surfers are a naturally sceptic bunch in a lot of cases, and we require convincing before we will make a purchase. A blog offers a personable face to your website. Visitors will appreciate the more natural tone of a blog and quickly learn to like you to varying degrees.

Greater Repeat Custom

Social interaction keeps visitors coming back for more. This increases the chance that each visitor will make a purchase, pay for your service, or complete the desired action while on your site. A blog that enables visitors to get involved through comments and topic related chat will be bookmarked and interested parties will return.

Good customer relations are a vital component to winning repeat business. Keeping your existing customers happy means they will be more likely to return to you in the future. A blog enables you to offer news, tips, advice, and guidance on your service or product. In turn, you will increase the feeling of trust that your buyers have and you will encourage a greater portion of them to return for more.

Forge Lasting Relationships Within Your Industry

Don't just start a blog with profit in mind. The more involved you get in the industry around you, the greater the potential dividends. If you post on topic then other sites related to your own will begin to link to you and this will mean increased traffic consisting of targeted visitors.

Take Advantage Of A Blog

It's ok to stray off topic in the occasional blog post, but generally speaking, the more on-topic you can keep it the better. Relevant keywords, targeted visitors, and optimized conversion rates await those that blog regularly with unique content. Get your visitors involved and get yourself involved to create the greatest buzz and generate the best results.
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Omaro Ailoch is a senior software engineer, an internet marketing expert, and the founder of OC IT Services http://www.ocitservices.com/ a highly skilled California based web development, design, and search engine optimization firm. OC IT Services has successfully improved ROI for small to large businesses and corporations through the successful streamlining of core business practices and the implementation of SEO strategies.
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