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Seo For Dynamic Websites

Feb 26, 2008
According to recent trends, most surfers go online looking for dynamic websites. Static textual websites are far from being dead, but many people are looking for interaction and less static content. The problem with this is that we have all heard the difficulties of optimizing Flash websites and those that use very little or no text. While it's true that the science of optimization differs slightly for dynamic websites, it is possible to perform just as well as a static text based site.

Search Engine Spiders

For their part, the major search engines have attempted to remedy the situation to some extent. Less weight is now provided to keyword cramming, and more weight given to other off-page optimization techniques - especially your link profile. By improving your link profile and by ensuring that all the pages of your website can be effectively crawled by the search engine spiders, there is no reason that a dynamic website cannot rank at the top spot in Google, Yahoo, MSN, or any other search engine.

The Importance Of Good Navigation

Navigation is important on many levels. First, your visitors need to be able to quickly and easily navigate around the main sections of your site. However, if you use a non-text based navigation menu, such as Flash or Javascript, then you should also consider adding a static sitemap. These also offer the advantage that they can be submitted to search engines in order to facilitate a speedy and accurate indexing of your pages. The sitemap should be linked from your homepage via a good old fashioned text link. This link can be anywhere on the page, for example at the very foot of the page after your main content.

Using HTML Tags

Add HTML tags to your pages. These include the header tags and title tag, but also Alt tags on images and dynamic content. These should be relevant and topic based, but they can also include important and relevant keywords. Search engines will use this information when indexing your page, in order to determine the topic and relevance of each page.

Your Link Profile

These same keywords need to be employed when building and improving your link profile. A link profile is a measure of the number, quality, and relevance of the links pointing to each of your pages. The more links you receive based on a particular keyword, the better you will perform for that search. With dynamic content websites, it is likely that you will create linkable pages so offer the HTML code including keyword optimized anchor text on each page. This way, if your visitors want to link to you, they can use links that will benefit you.

SEO For Everyone

SEO is one of the more popular methods of online marketing because it typically offers a steadily increasing amount of traffic. It can be more challenging to promote a dynamic website using pure SEO, because of the lack of on-page content, but it can be done and with diligence and good SEO practices the process needn't be that much more involved than SEO for a static website.
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Omaro Ailoch is a senior software engineer, an internet marketing expert, and the founder of OC IT Services http://www.ocitservices.com/ a highly skilled California based web development, design, and search engine optimization firm. OC IT Services has successfully improved ROI for small to large businesses and corporations through the successful streamlining of core business practices and the implementation of SEO strategies.
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