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Send Your Videos Viral With Effective Seeding

Feb 26, 2008
Video marketing stands virtually alone as being one of the more popular of recent marketing trends. Yet, to many, there is little science behind the act. Some webmasters create a video ad or viral video feed, submit it to a few video submission sites, and then hope it proves popular enough to go viral. However, as with any form of guerrilla marketing, the greatest results will undoubtedly be offered to those willing to put in some serious time and energy in ensuring that the video gets good exposure and from the right channels.


When we look at viral marketing, we need to concentrate more on creating an effective seeding campaign. Seeding is the first step a viral marketer takes. Planting the seed well means that others will propagate that seed for you. They will pass on your message by word of mouth and through links, tags, and bookmarks. When this happens your marketing has officially gone viral.

Planting The Right Seed In The Right Soil

Planting a positive seed within the right community and geared heavily towards your target market can help you to achieve your viral marketing goals. Again, though, this typically needs to be more in-depth than picking a video sharing site and just submitting the video ad. Using multiple networks, including the like of YouTube as well as smaller networks, is vital to help ensure that you get the right blend of propagators and viewers. It also enables you to track results and determine the best networks for your marketing needs.

Organic Seeding

Organic seeding is the natural process of others promoting your viral video for you. While it is free to publish a video to the main feed sites, it will take creativity, knowledge, and energy to get the best results. Paid seeding possibilities also exist and complementing or kick starting an organic campaign with some paid seeding is not an inherently bad thing.

Integration With Paid Placement

Initially, your video ad is unlikely to attract the kind of audience that it needs. There's simply too much competition and way too many variables that dictate the effectiveness of a video marketing campaign. As such, it is often the most prudent approach to use paid seeding in order to give your video that initial push.

Considering The Alternatives

Paid placement videos get the most prominent positions on most networks and while the more popular, better established of the networks demand large amounts for a good placement, this isn't necessarily the case with the smaller networks. Find several that fit your needs and enquire about prices to determine the best ones.

The Effectiveness Of Video Advertising

Surfers have evolved and, on the whole, are looking for less static and more dynamic content. As such, video has become a major draw for a lot of people that regularly use the Internet. While we have become blind to static and animated banner advertisements, it is widely contested that this isn't yet the case with video banners. They are hard to ignore and the better ones can generate exceptional results for any website.
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