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Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Feb 26, 2008
Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can appear an in-depth and difficult topic. On the question of what you should do next for your SEO campaign, the answer is always slightly different because the most effective SEO strategies are those that are tailored to meet the need of your sites. There are, however, a number of strategies that you will need to complete. Below are some of these strategies.

Keyword Research

In terms of an SEO campaign, keywords are everywhere. Most importantly, though, they will provide the anchor text to be used during a link building campaign. Keyword research can be done manually online, or using automated software, but effective keyword research means finding a good blend of the most popular and least competitive keywords for your pages.

Content Optimization

You will also use keywords in the text of your page but gone are the days of stuffing a single page with nonsensical content. Search engine indexing has become more topic based and prefers the use of a number of Search Engine Presumed Synonyms (SEPS) to help identify the underlying topic of that page. The result is a page containing more organic text that reads easily and doesn't depend on the use of a single, specific keyword.

Good Navigation Options

Search engine spiders are most effective when crawling over text links. Ensure that your navigation menu is easy to index. Place a text link from your homepage to a static sitemap. A sitemap includes a list of every page on your site, and in the correct format it can be submitted to the major search engines to inform them of new pages to be indexed. Good navigation and a sitemap are also essential for your visitors.

Link Profile Development

Your link profile is the number and quality of links that point to each of your web pages. Search engines use links as a vote of quality for your website so the more you have, and the greater the quality of the link, the better your site will perform in the search engine results. Because of the way links are treated, the search engines prefer to see organic links.

Organic Links

An organic link is one that has naturally been provided to your page because that page has valuable content that other sites wish to reference. However, until your site is visible to a good number of people it is unlikely you will get any organic links whatsoever. Until then, it pays dividends to lend nature a hand by building positive, ethical text links.

Keywords As Anchor Text

Links need to include your keywords as their anchor text. This gives a very clear indication of the keyword for the resulting page and search engines give anchor text and links a lot of weight. Don't gain links that look artificial unless they provide traffic independently. Reciprocal links have been strongly devalued by the search engines, and even building too many links too quickly can seem artificial to the search engines.

Effective SEO For Your Website

SEO is an effective method of promoting a website, when it is done well. The most effective SEO campaigns are well-considered, and drive highly targeted traffic to your website, but once a page reaches the top spot for your major keyword, don't stop there. Study your analytics, test new theories, and implement the most effective strategies to gain the best search engine results over an extended period of time.
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Omaro Ailoch is a senior software engineer, an internet marketing expert, and the founder of OC IT Services http://www.ocitservices.com/ a highly skilled California based web development, design, and search engine optimization firm. OC IT Services has successfully improved ROI for small to large businesses and corporations through the successful streamlining of core business practices and the implementation of SEO strategies.
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